Sunday, October 27, 2013

Barut Baby Comel Lagi

Looking for baby binder to your lil bub in the tummy?
Nahhh....take a look at this.

The material is 100% cotton.
And the size is about 21inch length x 6inch wide
Fit to baby 0-5 months
Semua barut jenis bertali

ini detail bahagian belakang

Currently, we only have barut baby jenis stripe dengan jenis plain.
And we do not have barut using cotton flanel. As for me, cotton flanel tu macam panas for the baby.

Barut baby sangat penting waktu umur 1-2 bulan sebab ia berguna untuk mengelakkan kembung perut dari masuk angin.
My Izz pon sampai sekarang ni dah 4 months still pakai barut tapi waktu malam je la bagi perut dia selesa waktu tidur.

Wanna place your order?
Just email me at to see the latest colour and pattern that we have.
Atau boleh terus drop your phone number dekat email tu and i will whatsapp you the details of the barut.

So, grab for your baby now!

Photographer: EverybodyPhoto

Till then. 

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