Saturday, February 8, 2014

PROMOTION: Wedding Photographer


Good news for all the bridezilla for 2014!
If you are looking for a photographer to capture your memorable moment,
it is EverybodyPhoto!

Sekarang ni diorang tengah buat promotion,
only RM1700 for 2 events
 (only for solemnization + reception on the same day)

Kalau takde promotion, the price for 2 events is RM2300
So, berbaloi kan. Boleh jimat RM600 buat beli katil. Hihihi
 *You can check the price here

Only 5 slots available
So, siapa cepat dia dapat
Serious berbaloi kalau sesiapa nak saving your wedding budget

Go visit their page now at
Facebook page:
Instagram: @everybodyphoto
Tengok-tengok dulu gambar diorang
Macam mana style diorang amek gambar, macam mana diorang edit gambar,
kalau rasa berkenan, boleh terus grab!

For more details or
Kalau rasa nak tanya-tanya dulu, or nak dapat free consultation on how to choose your wedding photographer,
or email them at
Jangan risau, diorang friendly

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