Thursday, January 30, 2014

7 years and Finally...

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah
Syukur ya Allah...
Finally i am graduated from International Islamic University of Malaysia

Being trapped for 7 years in the same university. For the same degree.
Even sekolah rendah and menengah pon just took me 5 years + 5 years.
Ahhh...i feel so relieve right now.
All i just need is a short vacay to any places.
Oh please mr.husband ;)

Walaupun my CGPA not as good as others tapi kau bayangkan seksa 7 tahun itu telah berakhir after going thru ups and downs. From single, to married, and then become a mother. Then baru sekarang dapat habiskan pengajian.
I have learned so much in IIUM.
Learned how to skip classes, learned how to apply for study leave, learned to apply for changing courses, learned to apply for financial assistance, learned how to become a student and part time QS at one time, learned how to get married while still studying, learned how to study while the baby's crying, and so many things i have learned.
I am sure (i will make sure!) Khawarizzmi is proud for having me as his mother.

I wanna thank my ibu for always being there when needed.
Dia lah sumber kewangan, dia lah pendengar masalah aku nangis-nangis study tak masuk, tak dapat jawab exam, bla bla bla, and so many masalah.
Tapi after dah kahwin, semua tu beralih arah kepada suami pulak.
Thank you ayang for everything.
And to all of my uni frens, thanx for the memories. Gitteww...

One thing (so many things) that came to my mind after tengok the result tadi is,
Oh, i need to prepare my baju convo, kasut convo, and ahh...photographer!
My photographer needs to be with me for the whole day. ;*

Is this the feeling of being graduated?
I can't sleep! Gila.

Gambar selekeh-selekeh waktu study dulu banyak dalam hardisk and now Badi tengah guna pc. So, all i can do is just reupload this picture. Haha.


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