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by; Raja Noor Etika bt Raja Sa'ad (IIUM)

This research paper explains that measurement is the core ability of a Quantity Surveyor since few mistakes of calculation will cause losses to the project. Thus, Quantity Surveying students need to understand deeply their profession undertake in the future. This study aims to compare the two types of method in applying taking-off during the measurement which are paper-based and computer-based that has been taught to the students at the institutions and determines which method is the best option to do the measurement. By using quantitative method, a questionnaire survey has been constructed and distributed to the various institutions and the results show that all of them are still using the paper-based method for the measurement subject but most of them prefer to use the computer-based method.

Reported by RICS (1992), Measurement is really important for a Quantity Surveyor (p.5). They have to measure all the works shown on the drawing produced by the Architect and Engineer. The process of measurement is commonly known as ‘taking-off’ which includes calculation and description of the works. The measured quantities are then being presented on standard traditional dimension paper or usually known as ‘slip sort’. The slip sort has four different columns and the taker-off should fill the columns accordingly.
However, when technology had been developed, modernization in doing measurement has been introduced. As stated by Willis (2007), “Computers have also had a major impact upon the profession of Quantity Surveying, in respect of the role and function of the Quantity Surveyor’s professional activities” (p.80). Among the softwares that are available in the market are Microsoft Office Excel, Digitizer, Ripac, CAD, QSCAD by Masterbill, BTOS by Buildsoft, CATO, BINALINK. All the softwares aid the Quantity Surveyor to do the taking-off accurately in a short time.
These two methods; paper-based and computer-based of applying taking-off have been introduced to the Quantity Surveying students in their Measurement subject for their knowledge in this field.

Statement of problem
Nowadays, all the firms out there are competing to provide the best services to the client by hiring a high quality of Quantity Surveyor. On the other hand, all the students are not aware which method is the best option for them to use it as primary. Thus, students must have their preferences method by now.

Data Analysis
Through the overall response by the 10 respondents to the questionnaire survey which is three males and seven females, they came from four different institutions. Five of them are from International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM), two of them are from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), and another two come from Polytechnic while another one respondent is the student of University of Malaya (UM). The range of their level of study is mostly from degree level and only two of them are currently doing their diploma. 

This research has successfully achieved its objectives where the practice and preference method haven been identified thus giving the advantages and disadvantages for the both method. Principally, the computer-based method was defined as the best option for the students in the Measurement Subject through the data gathered from this research.
Conclusively, the use of computer-based method at institutions in Malaysia is still low, even though the readiness level is generally high among the students. The lack of exposure is the main barrier. The step to increase the usage should be taking into consideration for the benefit of the profession and construction industry as a whole. 

The writer of the Term Paper,
*This term paper was written by me as to fulfill my subject
during my short semester 2010/2011. This is only part of the
full paper merely for references.

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kay_are said... Best Blogger Tips

ni paper study ko ke? ape motif post paper ni? aku tak faham!!

rj Etika said... Best Blogger Tips

ni setakat term paper untuk subjek english je. bukan dissertation aku pon.
saje je aku letak dalam blog ni. kot la nanti ada budak nak search pasal QS. =P

5starmovies said... Best Blogger Tips

salam, nak tanye..biase ke gune BINALINK software tuh?

rj Etika said... Best Blogger Tips

@5starmovies BINALINK tak berapa biasa sgt tp MasterBill tu ok la.

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